Conference Speakers

Role of ESA in Mega Projects in Egypt
Eng. Medhat M. Kamal ElDin
ESA Chairman
Eng. Medhat is the Chairman of the Egyptian Survey Authority (ESA) since August 2013.  In 2011 he has designated as an assistant for ESA Chairman.  He was assigned as the Head of Nile Protection Sector Then the Sector of Horizontal Expansion at the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation. Previously, he was the manager of Suhaj-region for water resources and irrigation. He started his career in 1988 as engineer at the High Dam Authority in Aswan where he became director in 2007.
Role of Remote Sensing in Geospatial Information Applications
Mahmoud Hussien Mohamed Ahmed is Professor of Operational oceanography and Coastal environment at National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences, (NARSS). His area of expertise using IT, RS & GIS lies in the field of ICZM, limnology, lake modelling, fish resource management, marine pollution, climate change, etc. Professor Ahmed graduated and got his BSc in 1984 from Faculty of Science, his MSc in 1989 and PhD 1997, both from IGSR, Alexandria University. Attending post doctor Mission in Integrated Coastal Zone Management at Flood hazards research centre, FHRC, Middlesex University, UK, 1999/2000.
His scientific administration posts has been started since 1999 as head of Coastal and Marine sciences department at NARSS, General Secretary of NARSS 2010, Environmental Expert for the ministry of Justice 2009, GAFRD Chairman 2013-2014, NARSS Vice Chairman 2015, till now, scientific reviewer for Misr Al Khair and STDF Association Fund.
Prof. Mahmoud H Ahmed
Professor of Marine and Coastal Environment,Vice Chairman NARSS
The GIS Scene
Prof. Dr. Moustafa Baraka
Civil Engineering Program Director
Prof. Moustafa Baraka, Ph.D. from Geodetic Science and Surveying Department, Ohio State University in 1988. U.S.A. Civil Engineering Program Director at The German University in Cairo, on leave from Faculty of Engineering – Cairo University. Member of Egyptian Committee for Surveying and Mapping (ECSM). Expert in Global Navigation Satellite Systems/ Global Positioning System (GNSS/GPS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS); interest in  Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Consulted for; Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), National Center For Planning State Land Uses (NCPSLU), National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS), Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI), Information Technology Institute (ITI), Information Decision and Support Center (IDSC), Egyptian  Geological Survey & Minerals Authority (EGSMA), National Water Research Center (NWRC), and Egyptian Survey Authority (ESA).
Remote sensing with the RADARSAT SAR Program
Francois has an extensive background in the remote sensing world, having worked in Business Development for many of the top data and software providers over the past 15 years. This includes a 6 years participation in the RADARSAT program. His current focus is the operational use of SAR data for defense and security applications with particular emphasis on maritime surveillance.
Francois Debroux
Manager, Business Development – Defense and Security
Imagery Interpretation
R. Carlson
Director of Training,
eusi sime
For thirty-six years experience in different applications of Imagery Analysis (IA) that includes: facility / site analysis (LOC, industrial, institutional, and urban), urban / rural land uses, imagery analysis (photo), multispectral analysis of IR, near IR, and SAR imagery, and Cartography / photogrammetry.
A consultant for Space Imaging Middle East (SIME) and European Space Imaging (EUSI) since 1998. I have trained personnel from the GCC region, Africa, Europe and Asia, in many aspects of analysis. I specialize in all aspects of imagery manipulation (change detection, layering, fly-thru, Mosaicking, and false IR interpretation, as well as radar imagery interpretation.
Accessing the World every 24h
Nuno’s main professional and hobbyist interests are the exploration of the earth as seen from above. At Planet Labs, Nuno manages the African and Middle East regions, by setting up partners and gathering new customers that will make use of the freshest global dataset ever created.
Nuno loves technology, science fiction literature, rockets lifting off, music and trying new food. Nuno has lived in 5 different countries and has traveled and conducted business in every continent. Nuno holds BSc and MSc degrees in Environmental Engineering (Portugal), GIS and Remote Sensing (Netherlands) and an MBA (Austria).
Nuno Vilaca
Director, Sales, Middle East and Africa
Providing Near Real Time Satellite Imagery with the Highest Resolution
Pascal Schichor
Sales Manager
Pascal Schichor studied Geography, Ethnology and Political Science and received a Master’s of Geography (with honors) from the University of Hamburg. Pascal is responsible for clients in Central Europe and North African countries. Working 6 years (2006-2011) for the Customer Support Team, Pascal takes his detailed knowledge of VHR satellite data and his broad experience in management of collection campaigns, to provide support to European Space Imaging’s partners in the region.
GIS, Modelling and Simulation techniques for better Defense, Intelligence and Security
After having acquired 8 years of experience in introducing and managing COTS Simulation technologies in Aerospace and Defense all over the globe Diogo has founded LASS TECH Consulting. LASS TECH Consulting represents AGI and other innovative COTS companies and provides consultancy on COTS based software solutions for the Middle East market. Prior to working as MENA Director for AGI, Diogo also conducted Space mission analysis work for the European Space Operations Center (ESOC), NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) and Dassault Aviation. Diogo holds a MSc. in Space Studies from the International Space University (ISU) in Strasbourg and an Aerospace Engineering degree from Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisbon.
Diogo Rodrigues
General Manager, LASS TECH
The Map of the Future
Amr Shawky
Project Manager
Amr have more than 12 years of experience of GIS, with more than 8 years combined across Hexagon Geospatial products and solutions. During his career, amr has lead and managed projects in Intergraph and Hexagon Geospatial in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait UEA and Oman.
Next Generation GIS in Smart Governance
System and more than 12 years of industry experience, he is responsible for the development & management of GIS Products and Solutions at SIME. He has been providing ongoing services to various Government and Defense organizations including Statistics Centers, Special Economic Zones, Municipalities, Transport Authorities, Police and Military services. He has played a vital role in design and implementation of various smart government projects across the Middle East including Dubai, Oman and Qatar.  Of his many notable accomplishments is his pioneer involvement in conceptualization and development of SIME’s 3D Flagship product named “GeoAxel” which is a comprehensive solution for 3D City Modeling, Visualization and Analysis, and used primarily for Urban Planning, Security & Mission Critical Initiatives, and Operations Planning for various sectors.
Muhammad Azam
Software Development Manager
Precision Positioning using NAVCOM Technology
Eng. Wessam Abd El Fatah
Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Manager
Wessam Elshershaby is Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Manager for Edge-Pro For Information System, joining the company in 2003 brings 12 years of experience in Remote Sensing and GIS Industries for several sectors of civilians and defense Entities in different areas such as crop estimation and feature extraction. He holds B.D.S. In Civil Engineering from Cairo University (Egypt) and a Diploma in GIS and Remote sensing from the Information Technology Institute (Egypt).
Virtual Reference Stations in Egypt
B.Sc. civil engineering from Assuit uni 1988. Professional master in Geoinformation management from ITC 2000. Joined ESA in 1990, establishing modern cadastral system in Aswan governorate, introduce RTKGPS mobile mapping in cadastre application 1996. Counter part from the Egyptian side for the German project in ASWAN. Establishing a GPS network in ASWAN to produce 1: 1000 cadastral maps in ASWAN. Participating in executing Sigil aini project 2nd phase 2006. Director of Giza Provincial office and Cairo Provincial office. Technical visit to outside country (Germany, England, Jordan, Netherlands, Saudi Arabian, Qatar, Turkey, Ethiopia). Introducing the VRS network in ESA 2006.
Eng. Tarek Agag
General Manager for Geodesy
 Rule-Based 3D Urban Cadastre
Dr. Alaa El-Din Saleh
Head of Central Administration of Siguel Al-Ainee
Currently Dr. Alaa Saleh is the Head of Central Administration of Siguel Al-Ainee at the Egyptian Survey Authority. He is a professional land surveyor, Geodesy – topographic mapping – cadastre mapping – GPS and GIS. His main interest is the Land Administration. His MSc and PhD is in cadastre and land administration. He empathize the role of land administration and its impact socially and economically.
Role of Remote Sensing in Geospatial Information Applications
Islam Abou El-Magd is a Professor of remote sensing and Environment who is working for the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences and chairing the Environmental Studies Department. Dr. Abou El-Magd research area of interest is remote sensing and GIS modelling in environmental related issues. Dr. Abou El-Magd has obtained his PhD from the School of Civil Engineering and The Environment, University of Southampton, UK where he also worked there for few years. Currently, he is managing few research projects that are directly function remotely sensed data to study the environmental pollution and coastal zone management and climate changes. He is also teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in remote sensing and its environmental applications, within Egyptian universities and the region.
Prof. Islam Abou El-Magd
Head of The Environmental Sciences Dept.
 Activates of Remote Sensing & GIS in Agricultural Field
Dr. Mohamed Shoman
Senior Researcher, RS&GIS Unit
Born in 11 May 1974 in Cairo, B.Sc. Degree of Agriculture from Cairo University in 1996, Master’s degree from Zagazig University in 2002 and Ph. degree from Banha University in 2007 in applications of Remote Sensing and GIS in the agricultural field. Upgrade to Senior Researcher degree in 2015.
Published about 11 papers in several fields for using of remote sensing and GIS land suitability, water harvesting and crop area estimation using satellite data.
Shared in many national projects and joint projects between Egypt and some of international research centers. Also attended many international conferences inside and outside Egypt.. 
Electronic Documentation of Facilities
Dr. Marzouk is Professor of Construction Engineering and Management in the Structural Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. Dr. Marzouk has 20 years of experience in the Civil Engineering. He authored and co-authored over 100 scientific publications. He is acting as a Principle Investigator (PI) and coordinator for several research and academic grants. His research interests include simulation and optimization of construction processes, object-oriented simulation, sustainability, green building, Building Information Modeling (BIM), fuzzy logic and its applications in construction, risk analysis, and decision analysis. Dr. Marzouk has been involved in several academic and scientific committees. Dr. Marzouk has been awarded several excellence awards.
Dr. Mohamed Mahdy Marzouk
Professor of Construction Engineering and Management
Giza Utility Data Centers Role  In Decision Making for Major Projects
GM. Mohsen Kamal El-Shoura
GUDC Manager
M.Sc. in political science –FEPS- CAIRO UNIVERSITY
Diplomatic representation in London Embassy – Defense Attache
Faculty member in the military Technical college.
Post Diploma in HR Helwan University. Graduated from the military Academy in 1979 Prompted up to Major General.
Geo-spatial information systems for Disaster Risk Management
Prof Sanad is Assistant President of Arab Academy for Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development. He held the Chair position of Construction and Building Department for 5 years and introduced a new master degree in Environmental Engineering at the faculty of Engineering
He studied in France his Master and PhD and taught in both France and UK for 10 years. His research interest is the Behavior of Structures under extreme conditions including Fire, Earthquake and Flood. He supervised over 20 researchers in modeling and simulating the impact of disasters on structures and proposed different mitigation solutions.
He carries consultancy work and conducts investigations in Fire Safety and Explosions events. He also carried several missions and training with the World Bank in Disaster Risk Management and Post Disasters Needs Assessments.
Dr. Abdel Moniem Sanad
Professor & Assistant President – AASTMT
Extracting Land Cover Information from LiDAR Point Cloud Data
Dr. Nagwa El-Ashmawy
Associate professor and Head of Remote Sensing Department
Dr. Nagwa El-Ashmawy is an associate professor and head of Remote Sensing Department in Survey Research Institute. She has been working in the Remote Sensing for twenty years. She graduated from Cairo University in 1993, and achieved her first M.Sc. degree from same University in 1998. Another M.Sc. she got from ITC, the Netherland in 2003. Dr. Nagwa completed her PhD in Cairo University in 2005 and has just achieved another PhD from Ryerson University, Canada. She published more than twenty papers in international and national Journals, and in several international, regional and national conferences
GIS Track in ITI
I am GIS Analyst, Developer, Researcher, Instructor, Urban Planner and Architectural Engineer. Graduated from Cairo university faculty of engineering, after that I attend 9-month diploma in iTi (Information Technology Institute) then worked in esriNea as a Support Analyst and Instructor for one year. Now I worked in iTi as an Acting Head of GIS Department for more than one year and M.Sc. Candidate in Integrated Engineering Design Management.
Ahmed Rashad
Acting Head of GIS Department
Prospects of Geoinformation in Government
Dr. Ahmed Darwish
Deputy Minister of Housing for Urban Renewal and Informal Settlements
Dr.Darwish is currently the Deputy Minister of Housing for Urban Renewal and Informal Settlements. He holds a BSc in Urban Planning from Ain Shams University, an MBA in International Business from the Maastricht School of Management and a PhD in Computer Science and Information Technology from the University of Nottingham. Dr. Darwish has over 20 years of local and international experience in both the public and private sectors. Prior to his current appointment, he served as assistant to the Minister of Urban Renewal and Informal Settlements. Dr. Darwish has also acted as a GIS and urban planning consultant for a number of projects, both in Egypt and abroad. Moreover, he has more than 10 years of teaching experience. He has served as a lecturer at a number of universities, including the American University in Cairo and the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. Dr. Darwish is the author and co-author of a number of publications in the fields of GIS and urban planning.