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3D Geospatial Data Applications/Industries for Decision Making
Edge-Pro For Information Systems
This Workshop highlights the latest software technologies to represent and model spatial data in 3D. The workshop dynamically combine and analyze large amounts of data for accurate assessment using interactive functions for analysis and query that serves the needs of decision-makers by giving them a complete information based picture for their support.
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Ground & Airborne Hyperspectral Systems and Riegl LiDAR Technology
Mapping Solutions
The work shop will cover the basic concept and theory behind Hyperspectral system and LIDAR technology and also the uses and major applications for both technologies.
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Airports & Airbases, Ports & Bases, and Facilities & Cantonment Areas
European Space Imaging
Satellite imagery is much more than a pretty picture to frame and put on the wall of an office. Extracting data and meaningful information from imagery, no matter if the resolution is I Km, 1 meter, or .5 meter.  Each different resolutions has a specific use where more or less resolution only gets in the way. 
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Smart Enterprise GIS Solutions for Utilities
Giza Utility Data Center
This workshop is going to highlight the current workflow for Giza Utility Data Center since start using Enterprise GIS Solutions with a better knowledge on the state-of-the-art of underground utility mapping and promote awareness on the importance of using Smart Enterprise GIS Solutions to be undertake for acquiring as-built information of the buried utilities.
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Geo-spatial Information Systems for Disaster Risk Management
Regional Centre for Disaster Risk Reduction – AASTMT
Effective disaster management and response demand rapid utilization of information and data from many sources. Visualization and spatial applications are critical during pre and post-disaster phases. In this context, using geographic information systems (GIS) in dealing with dangerous floods due to extreme rainy storms becomes a necessity.
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